Leadville Social Club at The Thirsty Beaver


Leadville Social Club is a band whose music they like to describe as “hard to put in a box”. That sounds accurate — high energy roots rock, Americana, country, alt.country…I don’t know what to call them other than a lot of fun.

I caught them last weekend at The Thirsty Beaver playing with Austin native Charlie Faye. Shows at the Beaver are crowded, intimate affairs with a few feet of tile separating band from audience and they make for an interesting photography experience as well. (I’ve cheated and used one picture from an earlier show at The Double Door — I’ll have a better idea of how to shoot here next time.)

I also caught up with frontman Bob Graham in e-mail for a few questions.

Q: Leadville’s Facebook page suggests that you needed some encouragement; however, when I’ve seen you guys play, you look like you’re having the best time in the world up there. What’s it like on stage?

Chris Edwards

Doesn’t everybody need encouragement? Maybe artist more than most. But to be honest, I have learned either you get it… or you dont. so my skin has gotten a bit thicker than one would think. As far as the encouragement card.. Its great when the music touches someone or makes them have a great time, Thats ALWAYS nice to hear. On stage with this band, I feel very fortunate to be playing with such talent…..sometime Chris ( Edwards ) and I make eye contact and both smile that smile that says ” It dont get much better then this”. For MANY reasons.

Q: How did you guys come up with the name ‘Leadville Social Club’?

Bob Graham, Brian Wilson, Bill Noonan, and Chris Edwards

Leadville is an old mining town in Colorado. Its the Highest incorporated city in the U.S…Chris and I were trying to agree on a name……Leadville stuck.. Our first gig at the Thirsty Beaver we were just Leadville .Randy Saxton and Geoff White sat in that first gig and nailed my songs they were hearing for the first time. After many PBR’s , I told the crowd ” This is like a Social Club”. It stuck. We have changeable band members ( since guys have other band schedules we all work around) that give us a different sound depending on that night. We have played with some GREAT players. Anybody know a dependable drummer, BTW?

Q: What music is inspiring you lately?

Bob Graham from Leadville Social Club, playing at The Double Door

For me, Howie Gelb (Giant Sand) is the shit, love Sun Kil Moon “Ghost of the Great Highway” cd,…….Neil with Crazy Horse, ……..this is just lately,right?

Q: Leadville plays some great covers in your shows — “So Much Wine” comes to mind. How do you pick the cover tunes that you want to play?

Randy Saxon & Geoff White

Cover tunes come about WHEN EVER we practice. Chris is a great writer and I wish he would write more……but he is also good at pickin out some “under the radar” covers.

Q: I see a lot of people at your shows who are obviously fans of Leadville Social Club. How do you encourage people to come out and enjoy your music?

Randy Saxon

I think word of mouth has gotten folks out. Has to be because we dont have a CD out, but we have a lot of gigs booked. Maybe its because we dont take ourselves serious . We just wanna share in the fun that night.